Popular Foods In Nova Scotia: A Delicious Culture Trip

nova scotia food trip

Food brings the people together. And it can also define the culture of a particular country as well.

And when the topic of Nova Scotia is brought onto the table, there is only one thing that can best describe their food and that is ‘uniquely delicious’! So in this article, we are going to take you on a gastronomic trip about the popular foods in Nova Scotia and know more about the different food specialties that you can only find in this part of the globe.


Food Background Of Nova Scotia

annapolis valley
Seafood is the primary food of choice in Nova Scotia. There are so much to choose from fresh lobsters from the Atlantic lobster, crabs, succulent Digby scallops, and more. Aside from that, the Annapolis Valley is home to the finest vineyards in the region where you can harvest fruits and enjoy the latest vintage wine. Moreover, Nova Scotia’s farmer’s markets are filled with locally-grown produce, and you can even ask the folks there to cook and prepare the food for you.

Their Unique Favorite Specialties

And here are the popular foods in Nova Scotia that we highly recommend you to try on your trip:


This is the most popular delicacy in Halifax that is sought after by locals and visitors alike. A donair is composed of shaved beef, tomatoes, and onions wrapped in soft pita bread and drenched sweet garlic sauce. Eating this food can be pretty messy, but its taste will surely give an unforgettable experience that you’ll surely remember after your trip.

Garlic Fingers Paired With Donair Sauce

Garlic fingers are very popular in North America, but it’s only here in Nova Scotia that you’ll find locals dipping their garlic fingers in donair sauce. In fact, they dip almost any kind of food with it! So we advise that you buy a couple of donair sauce bottles at the grocery store and bring them as long as you roam around town.

Hodge Podge

Your Nova Scotia trip will not be complete without trying this traditional summer dish. Hodge podge is a simple meal that is composed of beans, baby carrots, peas, potatoes, and cream. It’s so easy to prepare that it remains as one of the popular foods in Nova Scotia to this day.

Rappie Pierappie pie

Don’t expect a typical pie on this one as this is not a typical pie dish. Rappie pie is a traditional dish of the region, and it is made by dehydrating shredded potatoes and then reconstituting a special broth while adding meat. It’s truly a distinct meal that is worth the try.

Additional Tips About Drinks

If you’re looking for a drink after a day of strolling around, beer and wine are only sold in selected licensed restaurants. And you might want to order other food on their menu to go along with their drinks. Although, some lounges also serve liquor drinks in pub-style beverage rooms that are often paired with light meals and snacks.

We know that you are looking to have a great adventure on your trip. So hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article about the uniquely delicious popular foods in Nova Scotia and use it to have a great adventure.

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